We’ve Got NAMES!!!

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Friends, first… thank you so much for each and every person who donated, shared, and helped us get to this point in Jordyn’s first Love Project for Jenna. We are so excited to see so many families come together and love another family, especially when so many of you do not know the Spille Family personally. While we did not reach our ultimate goal of being fully funded by the end of the year, we are SO EXCITED about where we are.

We are now able to purchase all the MAJOR players:

1. Airline Tickets  2. Disney Passes  3. The Dining Meal Plan!!

And…. we already have the Disney Resort BOOKED!!

The rest of the $2000 we need to raise are covering spending money for each person in the family, gifts Jordyn wants to put together (think Easter Baskets), ground transportation to and from the airport, paypal fees, incidentals: such as baggage fees at the airport, wheelchair rental for each day, and miscellaneous expenses that will arise. We have truly tried to think of everything… and each one of YOU are making this possible!

Now, without further adieu… here are the names we drew this morning out of our Jenna Jar, from our December Fundraiser. Thank you so much to each and every person who participated!! We truly appreciate it!

  1. Kristen E. – $25 Bed, Bath, and Beyond Gift Cards
  2. Jennifer P. – Ken Davis Pack #1
  3. Todd H. – Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl
  4. Grace L. – Autographed Painting of Ariel
  5. Kristen C. – Thirty One Zipper Pouch
  6. Rachel M. – Jenna Spille First Kiss Painting
  7. Brad L. – Snow White Painting
  8. Cyd A. – Ken Davis Pack #2
  9. Jennifer R. – Photo Expressions by Victoria
  10. Pat L. – Signed Copy of Good Grief!
  11. Amanda W. – Pampered Chef Cookbook
  12. Sara C. – Les and Leslie Parrott books
  13. Cheree N. – Thirty-One Wristlet

I will contact each person in the order above to make their selection of THANK YOU gift, and I will post the results as they come in!! Once again friends, thank you so much for all of your support, encouragement, and love. We have truly been blown away by this entire journey!

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