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Yesterday was a BLAST!!

Jordyn had an awesome opportunity to go on The Pete O’Shea Show on WTIS 1100AM radio with us (dad and mom) to share what GOD is doing through her to show HIS love!

Honestly, when Pete asked me (Erica) about doing this last week, I was a bit terrified. I had NO idea what would come out of her sweet little mouth! Whew… that seemed like a lot of pressure to go on live radio and have no control! (Once again, reminding dad and mom to let go of our control a bit). But, she did an amazing job and had so much fun! In fact, she wants her own radio show now! HA!

The interview was broken into 4 segments:

In the first segment, Pete introduced Jordyn and her Faith Like A Ministry, Inc. ministry.

During the second, Jordyn was able to share her heart and WHY she has started this ministry. She even got to sing the names of all 66 books of the Bible!

The third segment introduced Johanna Spille, Jenna’s mom. I tell people this all the time… what a PRECIOUS family God is allowing us to get to know through Jenna’s cancer. I loved how Jo kept the focus on Jesus and we are also SO excited to meet their family face to face in a few months.

And, in our last segment, we were able to share what the trip will look like, what Jordyn wants Jenna and her family to do on their trip, and why Todd (Jordyn’s amazing daddy) screams like a little girl on roller coasters!

Like I said, we had a BLAST! Thank you WTIS and Pete O’Shea for all of your support, love, and for allowing us to share what GOD is doing through Jordyn.

Here’s the beauty friends… Faith Like A Child, Inc is NOT about Jordyn. This is not about what Jordyn is doing, the amount of money she is raising, or what she wants to do in the future.

Faith Like A Child, Inc. is about what the power of GOD can do through a willing heart, regardless of age, or seeming ability!

If you would like to hear Jordyn’s interview, please click on THIS LINK to WTIS for direct access!

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